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Vintage Hat Boxes

It’s not often that you find a packaging design to outlive the product it was designed for in the first place. Yet hat boxes do just that. Hats have been out of fashion for many years now – chances of them becoming in vogue again pretty soon are rather small – but hat boxes have become real collector’s items. They are now more valued for their decorating prowess by interior designers than as a packaging concept. Have a look at these amazing vintage hat boxes!

Hat boxes come in all manner of fantastic designs and over the years have become extremely collectible.  There is a roaring trade on sites such as etsy with individuals buying and selling vintage hat bozes in all shapes and sizes.

Hats have been fashionable in every era, and there has been many weird and wonderful designs.  Here are some of our favorites we found on our travels around the web:

Ten Weird and Wonderful Vintage Hat Boxes

vintage hat box 2

Credit: infinite-events.blogspot.com


Vintage Hat Box

Credit: epowpow.blogspot.com

vintage hat box 5th avenue

Credit: sammydvintage.com


Credit: trouvais.com



Leather vintage hat box

Credit: www.fineandvintage.co.uk

vintage designer hat box

Credit: www.house-of-francheska.co.uk


credit: www.quirkyfinds.com


Credit: www.retrochick.co.uk


Credit: www.rubylane.com